Why Use Eye Primer for Mature Skin?

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Beauty and fashion have always been an integral part of the female world. It used to be as simple as just applying face powder, a little lipstick, and BAM — you were ready to go! However, with all of the advances in just about every field, and with the contagious vouching of beauty bloggers and Instagram celebrities, the need to use specific beauty products has increased more than ever.

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There’s a different cosmetic product for each part of the face that will allow easier and near-perfect makeup application. One of these products is the eye primer. It helps improve the texture of your skin around the eyes. It works like any other primer for your face — to smoothen the makeup that sits atop it and make it last longer. This is especially useful if you have older skin. Why use eye primer for wrinkled skin, you ask? Let’s take a look.

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Why Should You Use Eye Primer?

Just like a face primer, an eye primer is used to smooth the texture of the skin, making the foundation and eye makeup look smoother and more natural.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, which makes it an easy target for fine lines and creases.

To prevent your eye makeup from caking up around the eyes, use a primer to avoid the slipping of your eye shadow and foundation.

The following are the reasons why you should apply eye primer:

  • Increases longevity of eye shadow and liner
  • Improves makeup application
  • Neutralizes the tone of the bare eyelids
  • Smooths out wrinkles and crease around the eyes
  • Smoothens and evens the texture of the skin around the eyes

Eye primers are formulated differently from face primers because of eye sensitivity.

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About Mature Eyes

Aging is inevitable, and you can’t do anything to stop it. Wearing makeup on mature skin gets complicated as your skin starts to lose its natural tightness.

Don’t lose hope, though! With the right eye primer for your mature skin, you can get that smoothness and evenness back.

Why Does Mature Skin Need Eye Primer?

You’re probably wondering if eye primer really is necessary. The answer is yes, especially when you have mature skin.

Many people think that an eye primer is just another way for cosmetic companies to get us to spend more money. However, the struggle is real when wrinkles start to appear, and your makeup seems like a cluster of fine lines and creases.

So why is an eye primer for mature skin essential? You can’t hide the prominent signs of aging, especially when the first signs appear on the skin around the eyes. This is when it gets hard for mature skin to retain its smoothness and makeup longevity.

Eye primer helps smoothen out the texture of your skin, for better makeup application and wear.

Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Eye Primer

  • Apply eye primer as a base if you want to wear eye shadow
  • Use eye primer when you want your eye makeup to stay in place all-day
  • There is a difference of formula between face primer and eye primer
  • Can use as under eye primer as well if you want seamlessly smooth under eyes
  • Use recommended products if you have sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Use eye primer if you have skin that perspires a lot and a deep-set eyes
  • Don’t use eye primers which irritate the eyes


Do you really need eye primer?

If you want lasting, perfect, and smooth eye makeup that will make you look glamorous all day, then yes! Add this little helper into your large makeup organizer case!

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What are your thoughts on eye primer? Do you have your own reasons for why use eye primer for mature skin?

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  1. I am using Milani Eyeshadow Primer. This Milani primer is a terrific eyelid primer for mature skin because it prevents creasing and makes sure makeup lasts a long time even with all the little folds you’re starting to notice in your eyes. But when using this primer, it’s important to stay cautious about how much you apply onto your lid. Don’t make the mistake of caking too much on because it has a pesky tendency to pill and create crumby bits of flaky primer. If that happens, your makeup won’t go on smoothly.

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