Do Pimple Scars Go Away Naturally?

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Pimples form when your pores get filled with too much oil and dead skin cells. Depending on how close to the surface of the skin pimples appear, it will take more or less time to heal, and leave more or less scarring.

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If the pimple appears close to the surface, it will heal quickly and leave minimal scarring. However, if it appears deeper, it will destroy more skin tissue and will probably leave deeper, more noticeable scars.

Most people don’t know the difference between acne and pimples, which sometimes leads to confusion. Basically, acne is a skin disease, and pimples are the symptoms of acne.

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Do Acne Scars Fade Away Naturally?

The truth is, most of the acne will naturally go away after puberty, but varying from person to person, acne and its symptoms might stay even in adulthood.

However, acne is not the only problem — the more obvious problem is the scars that they leave behind. Although most of the scars can fade, it will take more or less time depending on the scar.

After a breakout, the body will try to heal itself by replacing lost skin tissue, and scarring occurs when the body produces too much or too little of the tissue. If too much tissue is produced, a raised scar will occur. On the other hand, if too little of the tissue is produced, it will cause skin depressions, which are known as atrophic scars.

Acne can also leave dark marks, which are technically not scars, but changes in pigmentation. Usually, when the lesion gets popped, the body has to close it back together but might not always close it seamlessly.

To get rid of these dark spots effortlessly, you can try ClearifiRx customized hyperpigmentation treatments to help fade your acne dark spots, leaving your skin smooth, bright, and flawless.

The body is very good at healing itself, but after a “trauma” like a pit from a popped acne lesion, it might not cover up the proper way. The skin that closes the wound will often change color or texture, and it might happen even if you didn’t pop the acne.

However, if you didn’t pop the acne, it will probably go away after a couple of months.

Does Acne Scarring Ever Go Away?

Basically, how soon the acne scar will fade depends on the type of scar.

The problem is that scars usually won’t disappear quickly, and some scars won’t disappear at all unless you use skincare products for acne marks. Since there are various types of scars, knowing which type of acne scar you have can help in choosing the right treatment option.

Atrophic scars are caused by the loss of skin tissue, which results in a depression of the skin. Types of atrophic scars can be boxcar scars, rolling scars, and ice pick scars.

Boxcar scars are shallow with sharp edges. Rolling scars are very superficial with soft and smooth edges, and ice pick scars are narrow and very deep.

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Products to Help With Acne Scarring

The treatment is different based on the type of atrophic scar that you have. “Fillers” can help treat small and deep ice pick scars temporarily. Boxcar scars can, in most cases, be treated with subcision, which can also treat rolling scars pretty well.

On the other hand, hypertrophic scars occur when the body produces excess collagen, which leads to a raised scar.

When the scar occurs, it will usually be pink or purple, but the color will fade over time, and it will match the skin color. Note that if the scar is recent, cortisone can slow down the production of collagen and therefore reduce the appearance of the raised scar. Also, an erbium laser can be used to reshape and decrease the size of the scar.

Keloids can also appear when the body exaggerates trying to repair the inflammation caused by a cyst. They are usually much larger than hypertrophic scars and tend to have a dark color. It is actually pretty rare but is also very difficult to treat. If you happen to have a keloid, then you should try a skincare product that contains a retinoid.

Natural Remedies

No matter what type of acne scar you have, some natural remedies and skincare products can be very helpful.

For example, there are natural scar creams rich in vitamin E, tea tree oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and other helpful ingredients. These are good for any type of scars, whether it is a surgical or an acne scar.

These products have natural ingredients, and besides helping with scars, they also help make the skin look younger since they have other ingredients that promote increased collagen.

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Additionally, you can find options suitable for all skin types. Many also make an excellent moisturizer.

These products are definitely worth a try, no matter what scar type you have, but they’re also good for acne scars.


So, in the end, do acne scars go away naturally or no?

The answer is — it depends. The deeper the scar is, the longer it will take to go away. If it is too deep, it might never naturally go away.

However, if some time has passed and the scar is still there, unchanged, then you should consider the natural honeydew scar cream that we mentioned. It will have a significant effect on almost any scar and is also great for any skin type. It is definitely worth a try!

For best results on getting rid of acne scars, it’s still wise to consult the opinion of a dermatologist.

Consult a professional!

If you’re struggling to cover acne scars, why not try our recommendations for best makeup foundation for acne scars?

You can also get ahead of the game and check out these foundations that won’t clog pores.

What’s your experience on acne scarring?

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