How to Get Knots Out of Hair Painlessly and Easily

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Ow! Not only are hair knots annoying and unattractive, they can also really hurt. Learning how to get knots out of hair properly is so important. You don’t want to just yank them out and end up ripping out your hair in the process. Today, we’re going to share our top tips to loosen and remove knots from your hair using the least painful and damaging methods possible.

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What Causes Hair to Become Knotted and Matted?

Your hair becomes tangled when different hairs wrap themselves around each other and get stuck together.  Tangles are commonly caused by loose or shed hairs that haven’t been combed out, making it easier for them to get wrapped around the other hairs on the head.

If these smaller tangles aren’t removed, they can form larger clumps.  These clumps, which are known as matted hair, will be more challenging to remove because so many hairs are all tangled together.

If you have curly or coily hair, your hair may be more likely to get matted than those with a smoother or finer hair type.  However, anyone’s hair could become matted, especially if it isn’t brushed regularly enough.

How to Get Knots Out of Hair That is Matted

Some may be tempted to run to a hair salon or even cut out bad mats from their hair.  However, this isn’t normally necessary.  You can learn how to get knots out of hair home remedies below that will help you remove the mats on your own.

Before we get into some of the different products, tools, and techniques you can use, there are a few general steps to follow when removing mats from your hair.  These include:

  • Never work with dry hair.  Always saturate your hair with a conditioner or one of the other products listed below.  If your hair is dry, you may end up damaging it more.
  • Work from the ends of the hair up to the roots.  You will want to work slowly to remove tangles towards the ends of the hair first, rather than starting by the roots.  Holding the upper portion of your hair as you’re working can reduce the painful pulling feeling on your scalp.
  • Finally, after the tangles and mats have been removed from your hair, use a cool-water rinse to remove any conditioner or other products that are still in your hair.  Rinsing your hair will also help ensure that each of the strands stays separated from the others.

What to Use to De-Knot Hair


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Conditioner is one of the best products to use to remove tangles and mats from your hair.  Whether you’re asking how to get a big knot out of your hair without cutting it, how to get dirt knots out of hair after braids, or even how to get knots out of baby’s hair, conditioner can help.

Conditioner works to make the surface of each hair smoother.  This can make it easier to release the tangles because less friction is present.  Remember, apply the conditioner, then follow the steps above to work with a wide-tooth comb starting at the tips of your hair.


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The answer to how to get knots out of black hair or how to get knots out of hair after braids, can also be hair oil.  Oil can reduce static and slick up the hair, making it easier to release the tangles.  You may also choose to apply oil to natural hair that has recently been detangled, as it can help improve the texture and health of your hair.


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Do you need to know how to get bad knots out of hair or how to get knots out of curly hair that is matted?  Try a detangling spray.  As you can probably tell from the name, these sprays are specifically designed to make it easier to remove the knots from hair.  They reduce tension to release knots.  You also don’t need to rinse out detanglers, making them a good option when you’re shorter on time.

Wide-Toothed Comb

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How do you break a knot in your hair?  How to get knots out of long hair?  Try a wide-tooth comb.

We already shared a little bit about why you should use a wide-tooth comb.  When you use a wide-tooth comb, you’re less likely to break hair because the teeth of the comb are more spread out.  As an alternative to a wide-tooth comb, you could also try using a detangling brush to remove knots.


If you want to know how to get knots out of hair fast or even how to get knots out of hair without a brush, try using your fingers.  Section your hair off using your fingers to make it easier to brush.  You may even be able to gently remove a few tangles with your fingers, but really using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush is best.

Hair Masks

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Do you need to know how to get knots out of curly hair that seem to always come back?  Hair that tangles regularly may be too dry.  Using a hair mask can help hydrate your hair and make it less likely to tangle in the future.

Tips to Prevent Matted Hair

Once you’ve dealt with matted hair once, you’ll never want to deal with it again.  Follow these suggestions to help prevent from hair from getting terribly tangled and matted in the future:

  • Brush your hair every day with a wide-tooth comb or other detangling brush.
  • Use conditioner after you wash your hair.
  • Try a detangling spray.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase or wrap your hair with a silk scarf at night.
  • Avoid bleaching or chemical hair treatments that can dry out and damage your hair.
  • Be careful to braid hair extensions at night and keep them well-maintained.


What causes single strand hair knots?

Single strand hair knots are the result of one strand of hair wrapping around one of your other strands of hair.  The two strands become tangled up.  Single strand hair knots are more common on individuals with curly hair because of the way the hairs grow and weave around.

Is it bad to rip out knots in hair?

Ripping knots out of your hair is not a good idea.  It can cause a lot of damage to your hair and can pull more hairs out of your scalp.  Additionally, it can be very painful to just pull a knot out of your hair.

Final Thoughts: How to Get Knots Out of Hair Easily

Tangled and matted hair is no fun, but hopefully you are now feeling empowered to remove those knots and get your hair back to looking its best.  Which of the suggestions that we shared is your favorite?  Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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