How to Keep Hair From Tangling at Night? – Nighttime Hair Care Tips

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If you’re tired of waking up with knots and tangles in your hair, you’re probably looking for how to keep hair from tangling at night.  Nothing is worse than spending time in the evening to brush all the tangles out of your hair, only to wake up the next morning to a mess.  Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do that can help you learn how to keep your hair from getting tangled at night.  In the next few sections, we’ll share some of the top tips that you’ll definitely want to try.

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How To Keep Hair From Tangling At Night? Nighttime Hair Care Tips

How to Keep Hair From Tangling

Try one or more of these tips to keep your hair from getting tangled while you sleep.

Braid Your Hair

Did you know braiding your hair before you go to bed can help keep it from getting tangled as you sleep?  A braid helps keep your hair confined, and when it is confined it is less able to get tangled.

So, if you’re looking for how to keep natural hair from tangling at night, try braiding it.

For many people, one braid along the back of their hair is enough to prevent it from tangling overnight.  However, depending on your hair type, your sleep position, and how much you toss and turn overnight, you may find that your hair still ends up tangled with just one braid.

If this is the case, try making two braids off to the side.  This will help prevent some of the rubbing and limit or eliminate the tangles you wake up to.

You want the braids to be firm enough that the hair won’t easily come out.  However, you also don’t want them to be so tight that it makes your head uncomfortable as you’re trying to sleep.  When you braid your hair, be prepared to wake up to wavier hair in the morning, which isn’t always a bad thing!

Put Your Hair in a Bun at Night

Putting your hair in a bun at night is another alternative to consider if you don’t want to braid your hair.

Like braids, buns, help to contain your hair and can help keep it from getting tangled.  A bun won’t offer as much containment as a braid, since they tend to be looser, however.  You may need to experiment and see if putting your hair in a bun prevents your hair from getting tangled.

Some people with longer hair prefer putting their bun in a hair to braiding it.  Long braids can be annoying or get in the way when you sleep.  Conversely, a bun is more confined and won’t irritate or get stuck under your back when you’re trying to get comfortable.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Whether you’re taking a shower right before bed or earlier in the day, it is important not to skip the conditioner.  Conditioner is important because it helps moisturize the hair and leaves it more slippery.  The more slippery the hair is, the less likely it is to become tangled.  Plus, if it does tangle a bit, you’ll be able to brush the tangles out much more easily.  If you’ve been searching for “how to keep my daughters hair from tangling at night,” make sure you’re conditioning it when she takes a shower.

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Use a Hair Serum

Using a hair serum before bed can help increase how slippery your hair is.  These oil-based serums are also very moisturizing and can leave your hair looking shiny in the morning.  Adding a hair serum to your routine can be particularly important if you showered in the morning or didn’t use conditioner.  A hair serum can also be the answer to how to keep short hair from tangling at night.

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Sleep on Silk

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase (or even a satin pillowcase) could also help you learn how to stop hair from tangling at nape of neck.  Cotton pillowcases cause a lot of friction as your hair rubs against them while you’re sleeping.  This friction makes the hair drier, which can cause more tangles and knots.  Silk or satin pillowcases are smoother and won’t cause this friction.

Another alternative is to sleep in a silk or satin night cap.  Like a silk pillowcase, the cap will prevent your hair from rubbing against a surface and creating friction.

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Brush Your Hair More During the Day

Did you know that brushing your hair more during the day could help keep it from tangling at night?

If you want to know how to keep wavy hair from tangling at night or other hair types from getting all knotted, brush your hair multiple times during the day.  Frequent brush helps to remove smaller tangles and keep them from turning into larger knots.  It also helps keep hair healthy, which is important for minimizing tangles.  Don’t forget to give your hair a good brushing right before you head to bed too!

Minimize Heat Exposure

If you want to know how to keep long hair from tangling underneath, you could be dealing with heat-damaged hair.  The use of heated styling tools, such as blow-dryers and hair straighteners, can cause damage to our hair.  It’s very common after all to dry your hair before bed, if you took a shower at night. Damaged hair is more likely to be frizzy or prone to tangling.

Try to minimize the use of heated styling products, or at least start using a heat protectant spray to minimize the damage to your hair.

Hair Tangles While Sleeping: Don’t Give Up!

If your hair always seems to tangle when you’re sleeping, don’t despair.  The tips shared above can help you prevent your hair from getting all knotted, allowing you to wake up to tangle-free hair.  Doesn’t this sound so wonderful?  Which of the tips shared above are you excited to try to stop your hair from getting tangled overnight?

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