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In the world of beauty, perhaps the most hated imperfection is the irritating breakout of acne. Unfortunately, it is an ailment that is arguably as frequent than the common cold, and as many women are aware, it is influenced by hormones as much as genetics and environment. The most recent discovery for that all-desired cure for pimple breakouts is the latest hype of acne patches, often referred to as acne healing bandages. However, the question on everyone’s lips, what are they? Do they work, and if so, how does it help? Today we’re here to walk you through the brand Nexcare’s acne patches. Stick with us as we tell you how to use Nexcare acne patch products!

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Nexcare Acne Cover, Invisible, Drug Free, 36 Count

What is the Nexcare Acne Patch?

Nexcare is a brand of medical care bandages produced by 3M, an American corporation that has grown from humble beginnings in Northern Minnesota. Today, more than 60,000 of their products are being sold globally, among which their Nexcare Acne Patch is an innovative, revolution in the treatment of acne.

At Nexcare, they believe that science and innovation should be applied to solve everyday problems to provide solutions in every aspect of life. With acne being such a common, frequent problem in many lives, 3M’s Nexcare brand set out to create a very effective solution. The Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover has grown rapidly in popularity, and even Cosmopolitan magazine has given it high praise.

There are plenty of good reports from users all over the globe that have simply fallen in love with this convenient product. It is no miracle, as they claim, but it is effective at reducing the severity and aiding the recovery of a breakout. Even more, it is very effective at preventing habitual tampering and scratching.

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers Assorted, 36 Count, Pack of 3
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How Does a Nexcare Acne Patch Work?

It works in the same simple way that hydrocolloid patches work.

It is invisible and sticks to the affected area, then turns white when all the unwanted liquids and oils are pulled from the pimple.

In doing so, it will reduce the appearance and speed up recovery time.

How Long Does a Nexcare Acne Patch Take To Work?

It begins to work from the moment it is applied.

Leave it on for up to two hours, or until it turns white and the pus becomes clearly visible.

It can also be applied at night and left on as you sleep to be removed the next morning.

How to Use a Nexcare Acne Patch

  1. Peel open one of the 36 acne cover patches, selecting the correct size.
  2. Ensure the affected area is dry, clean, and free from make-up.
  3. Place the center of the patch over the pimple.
  4. Press the edges of the patch with clean, dry fingers to ensure perfect adhesion.
  5. Leave on for the recommended time or until noticeable ether appears.
  6. You can also leave it on overnight for the most effective treatment.
  7. If you wear makeup, apply the patch first. It is possible to cover it up with makeup.
  8. Once it has worked, simply peel it off and be amazed at the work it has done.

What is the Best Acne Patch to Use?

Among the many patches and acne healing bandages that are in production, the most effective, in claims from women globally, are hydrocolloid bandages.

There are other effective products, such as the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch and the Mighty Patch Pimple Patch Spot Treatment, and one of the most trusted and affordable options are the likes of the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover.

Nexcare Acne Cover, Invisible, Drug Free, 36 Count
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What are Acne Patches for?

Acne patches are available from many manufacturers, all of which have different methods of application and ways they work. Most acne patches are only meant to assist with the recovery of basic papule, pustule, or bacterial acne. These products will not work on cystic acne, blind pimples, nor severe breakouts of acne vulgaris. The most effective treatment still known is retinol creams or cortisone injections.

What Do Acne Patches Do?

The most general patches are bandages, most times small enough to cover a single zit, with an adhesive side that is stuck onto the affected area. These patches are a form of hydrocolloid dressings, which have been used in medical practice for years to dress wounds and scrapes as a proper means of healing. The objective of hydrocolloid bandages is meant to draw out bacteria and wound ether to progress the body’s natural healing process.

In the same way, these acne patches draw out the bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin cells that cause pimples, papules, and the like to form. Some patches may contain additional chemicals that will further enhance the recovery process, but in general, most acne patches will stick to basic formulas.

The greatest benefit of these patches is that it aids those who are prone to pick or scratch at their pimples. This is something that should never be done. Squeezing and picking pimples, blackheads, zits, or anything like it will only cause inflammation and/or spread the breakout.

Do Pimple Patches Actually Work?

Acne patches are effective if applied correctly, and according to the instructions of the product, you purchased. Most will be useful during the early stages of a breakout, and some may only be effective on specific types of acne. However, results will vary drastically, simply because skin types are different from one another. Acne patches do not promise a miracle cure but can be an effective controlling agent.

How Long Does an Acne Patch Take to Work?

In general, it is recommended to keep it on for, at max, 24 hours. Some products, however, recommend only keeping it on for up to two hours. Others suggest keeping it on as you sleep, all through the night.

Alternatively, when the patch turns white, an indication that it has drawn out all the bacteria and pus. It is then it is good to be removed.

Patch Away!

Acne patches are a safe and gentle treatment that can be trusted.

But keep in mind it will neither prevent nor will it miraculously cure this inconvenient problem.

It is an effective aid, and should at least be tried and tested before being dismissed. Best of luck, and remember, do not squeeze those pimples! Buy your first Nexcare trial and join the revolution today.

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