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Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers
October 29, 2018 Ellis James


If you’re new to a vegetarian or vegan diet, it might seem a bit daunting to come up with something fresh, delicious and new every day. Or perhaps you’ve been on your journey for a while, but your lunch is getting a bit boring and your dinner choices are getting totally stale. You may even be thinking of making a big leap to a more plant based diet and just need a bit of a push, or just some plain old inspiration from some cool folks that know more about it than you.

Well, Instagram is the place to go! It’s full of amazing food picks, recipes to make your mouth water and lots of people who have this plant based lifestyle thing totally sussed out. It’s also such a great medium to show food off to its full potential! Here are our favorite Vegan and Veggie Instagrammers.

Minimalist Baker

Not just about baking, this blogger welcomes all types of eaters. Sharing plant-based recipes that need only 10 ingredients or less, one bowl or a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare – amazing! The Minimalist Baker helps to make vegan food quick, easy and super scrumptious – and over 1.2 million followers agree. Check out the vegan gluten free spinach and artichoke dip, easy bake chocolate donuts and oil-free ‘cheesy’ chilli baked potato fries!

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Vegan Eats Please

Vegan Eats Please is another great blogger with some gorgeous food pics to get you inspired. You’ll also find restaurant and product recommendations. Try a beet mac and cheese, a rice cake avocado rose (yes really it’s so stunning to look at you might not be able to eat it!) and fruity rice pudding.

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Fully Raw Kristina

Fully Raw Kristina is on every social media platform out there and has a combined reach of around 2.1 million. Wow! With a huge following in the USA, Kristina is actually Ecuadorian-Lebanese. She doesn’t limit herself just to vegan food recipes, but is all about a balanced healthy lifestyle. As well as food pics, the stunning Kristina’s account shows her travelling around the world and living life to the full as she eats naturally and clean.

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Vegan Food Videos

Vegan Food Videos is a great place to go if you love watching videos of recipes being created from start to finish. Wonderful close ups of the food being prepared and then enjoyed, will totally get your taste buds going and inspiration fired up. The bliss shake looks delicious, as do the smoothie bowls and homemade pizza.

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

The Dreamy Leaf

The Dreamy Leaf has some of the prettiest photography we’ve ever seen! Maya is an extremely well-established veggie-foodie Instagrammer. Packed with colour, brightness and vitality – her pictures really are a dream. Check out her pink panther smoothie and chipotle cauliflower steak, garnished with roasted pine nuts, hemp seeds and garlic/basil avocados. Anyone else hungry now?

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Life of a Vegetarian

Australian blog ‘Life of a Vegetarian’ gives awesome lunch box ideas. Really beautiful lunches and healthy snacks, lots of her food pics show food cutely packaged up in little boxes and ready to go!

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Choosing Chia

Choosing Chia is a healthy food, wellness and travel blog. Based in Montreal, Jess makes some stunning chia pudding recipes and her Instagram features light and airy pictures of fruity dishes that are extremely healthy for you.

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

Tasty Vegetarian

Finally, check out the Tasty Vegetarian for practical vegetarian recipes. With nearly 2 million followers, the feed is packed with everyday dishes that are easy and delicious to make. There are pasta dishes, bakes and cakes and lots of meme’s thrown in for good measure too!

Inspirational Veggie & Vegan Instagrammers - Ellis James Designs

You’ll find hundreds, even thousands, of vegetarian and vegan Instagrammers out there. So follow a few and never be short of inspiration again!

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