Best Powder Concealers to Cover Dark Circles and Blemishes

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We all get the tired eye look and dark spots as we age. Some have acne or redness that doesn’t cover well with their foundation. You may have received recommendations for makeup like Tarte Shape Tape or Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. These concealers work well and do offer high coverage. However, not every person wants the heaviness cream and liquid formulas offer. A powder concealer can offer you a lightweight feel that blends into the skin. This gives the appearance that you don’t have makeup on. Which powder concealers work the best?

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Best Powder Concealers

Editor’s Choice – bareMinerals Concealer

bareMinerals - Multi-Tasking Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Bisque , 0.07 ounce
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Concealer Highlights

  • SPF 20 Broad-spectrum
  • No artificial oils, parabens, or fragrances
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Available in 5 shades

One of the most talked-about powder concealers is the bareMinerals Concealer. Whenever you search a forum or ask for a recommendation, this concealer is almost always mentioned. It has a lightweight loose powder formula that makes it seem like you aren’t even wearing makeup. Your skin and under-eye area get extra sun protection with SPF 20. The formula has recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation for broad-spectrum sunscreen protection. The formulation doesn’t stop with sun protection either. It’s free from parabens, fragrances, and artificial oils. It’s even been formulated as non-comedogenic. This means you won’t suffer from breakouts or clogged pores.

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Concealer Reviews

bareMinerals has a high reputation for most of its products because of how well they work. They don’t contain many harsh chemicals in their formulas either. This concealer comes highly reviewed.

This user loved the user-friendliness of the formula; “It’s easy to apply, easy to wear, lasts all day, and covers beautifully!”

Another user said, “This is the only concealer…powdery silky smooth or liquid based that holds up to southern humidity and water park days!!!”

One user loved how well it covered their blemishes and dark spots; “Covers blemishes well, covers my dark under eye circles…”

Concealer Pros and Cons

  • Multipurpose use (concealer, eyeshadow base, or light dusting on the face for low coverage)
  • Blends flawlessly into the skin
  • Matches skin tones well
  • Doesn’t contain much concealer for the price

Drugstore Powder Concealer – e.l.f Studio Tone Correcting Powder

Studio Tone Correcting Powder
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Concealer Highlights

  • Lightweight formula
  • Can be used anywhere on the skin
  • Doesn’t cake or look dry
  • Not too expensive

Dark circles and veins showing can make you feel like your makeup look is ruined. Fortunately, these can often get covered by concealers. Some concealers can’t cover the darkest of circles or the blue color. In this case, a color corrector can help minimize it to where you don’t even notice them. Color correctors are usually worn under concealer but sometimes, they take away the discoloration and you don’t need a concealer on top. The Studio Tone Correcting Powder by e.l.f does this flawlessly. The formula sits lightly on the skin and will absorb any excess oil. You don’t need to worry about creases or settling into fine lines.

Concealer Reviews

e.l.f is well loved for the performance of their products and the affordable the price point. This color corrector is no exception.

One user raved about how it evened out their skin tone and prevented oiliness; “This evens out my skin tone a lot but it doesn’t prevent my skin from getting oily throughout the day well enough.”

This user suffers from rosacea, and it helped cover the red areas; “…helps to hide the red of my rosacea.”

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Another user said, “It’s a light weight powder but covers nicely.”

Concealer Pros and Cons

  • Covers dark spots, uneven skin tones, and redness
  • Multipurpose use (under-eye concealer, complexion corrector, and setting powder)
  • Doesn’t crease under the eyes
  • Doesn’t work well with darker skin tones

Luxury Powder Concealer – Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer

Concealer Highlights

  • Sweat and humidity resistant
  • All skin types can use it
  • Non-acnegnic and fragrance free
  • Two-in-one makeup, use as both foundation and concealer

Clinique is known for its workability with all skin types, especially sensitive types. This Clinique two-in-one foundation and concealer gives you medium to full coverage for your foundation and undereye area. The formula lasts through your workday and workout. It’s made lightweight and won’t clog your pores. Unlike some makeup that work with specific skin types, this foundation + concealer works well with all skin types. It has 12 shades that feature cool to neutral undertones in the lighter shades and warm to neutral in the darker. It doesn’t take much effort to blend, and makeup beginners will appreciate the ease of use. Pros will love how quickly they can breeze through their routine.

Concealer Reviews

Beginner makeup users and pros love this two-in-one makeup.

One user that doesn’t know much about makeup raved about the beginner-friendliness of it; “Embarrassed to say at 45 years old I have no idea how to apply makeup… Super fast and easy to apply.”

Another user loved the formulation; “…doesn’t leave your face powdery, blends in perfectly.”

This user uses it as a concealer and uses it for dark spots and dark circles; “Cover blemishes and/or age spots, helps with dark circles around eyes, gives a slight glow!!”

Concealer Pros and Cons

  • Matte finish
  • Up to 8-hour wear
  • Lightweight formula
  • Not high coverage as advertised

Powder Concealer for Oily Skin – L’Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer

L'Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer, Medium 482, 0.07 Ounce
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Concealer Highlights

  • SPF 25
  • Lightweight formula
  • Talc-free formulation
  • Enriched with vitamins

This powder concealer by L’Oreal was designed for those who wanted the coverage of a cream concealer but with a powder. The formula has a gentle mineral feel to it. Those with oily skin or sensitive skin will love it because it covers your fine lines and doesn’t settle or smudge as most concealers do. It has vitamins and SPF added to soothe the skin and add sun protection.

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Concealer Reviews

Despite it only being a drugstore brand, it comes highly reviewed.

One user said they love the formula; “It’s lightweight, stays on, blends well, looks fabulous.”

Another said it works well for their oily skin; “Other than that, covers well yet doesn’t make your skin oily.”

This user said it covers and conceals their fine lines and creases; “The brush fills in and conceals small lines and creases (even hides my bags!)…”

Concealer Pros and Cons

  • Works well on oily skin
  • Blends well
  • Long-lasting
  • Not much concealer inside

Best Coverage Powder Foundation – PUR Shake & Bake Powder-to-Cream Under Eye Concealer

PÜR Shake and Bake Powder-to-cream Under Eye Concealer
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Concealer Highlights

  • Powder-to-cream finish
  • Crease-free formula
  • Has vitamins and minerals infused
  • Absorbs excess oil

Normally, when you use a cream concealer, you must set it with powder afterward. PUR took this concept and created a powder that applies to the skin but turns to a creamy finish once blended into the skin. The formula of this Powder to Cream Concealer has ginseng, B vitamins, green tea, and Ceretin Complex infused. This helps blur the skin and treat it with anti-aging properties.

Concealer Reviews

Youtubers and customers love this concealer for its coverage.

One user loved how it covered their eye veins and how well it blended; “It was smooth and not cakey at all. It did a good job concealing visible veins on my face and around my eyes.”

This mature user loved how it hid their aging; “This is perfect for hiding my old age lines and dark circles!”

Another said the ease of use made them fall in love with it; “Easy to use and covers all bags and pores around cheeks.”

Concealer Pros and Cons

  • Conceals and sets with one product
  • Includes a sponge with the concealer
  • Has full coverage
  • Only three shades

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What are Powder Concealers?

Powder concealers is concealer but in powder form. Usually, concealers come in liquid or cream formulas.

Are Powder Concealers Better?

This depends on what you’re trying to conceal. Mostly, liquid and cream formulas offer a higher coverage and for that, people will claim it’s better. Some people don’t need high coverage and will benefit from powder concealers.

Powder Concealer FAQs

Can you use powder as concealer?

Yes! Some brands make powder concealers. Other brands make two-in-one products that work as a foundation and a concealer. Depending on the coverage you want, you can choose if this is right for you. The heaviness of coverage will determine if you should use a powder.

What goes first, concealer or powder?

Some people reverse bake and place powder before a cream or liquid concealer. Others swear by applying it after powdering the face. Color correctors might change the way you apply the makeup too as it goes on before you even apply concealer and face powder.

How do you use powder foundation as concealer?

First, you want to make sure your under-eye area is moisturized. If you don’t have proper moisture, your powder foundation can cake up or crease upon application. Once you moisturize, you might want to use a primer and then apply the powder.

Is liquid concealer better than powder?

Choosing concealer can be a difficult thing with all the options available. But generally, yes, liquid is better than powder concealer. It will provide more coverage than powder. However, some brands make powders that can compete with liquids.

PÜR Shake and Bake Powder-to-cream Under Eye Concealer

Conceal Naturally with Powder!

Powder concealers aren’t the norm for many makeup users. People that tend to use powder concealers don’t want to give off the appearance they’re wearing makeup or need as much coverage. However, you may want to give powder concealers a try if you’re trying to save time and money on your makeup routine. Many powder concealers double as a foundation, which allows for an all-over-the-face application without switching between makeup. You may pay a little more upfront but you will save money over time purchasing one makeup versus two separate ones.

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