Adult Acne – The Causes and Treatments

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Adult acne is a tricky one and there are all sorts of reasons why as grown-ups we still have to deal with this embarrassing issue. It could just be down to the fact that you had oily skin as a teen and it has continued into your adult years, you could have an underlying health problem, or it could just be down to menstrual cycle hormones.

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If you’re at all worried and there could be a root cause that a doctor could help with, it’s always worth booking in an appointment as there’re so many prescribed medicines these days that could make a real difference to your skin. A flew fair ups every now and then isn’t abnormal and can have multiple triggers; it’s best to look at it holistically to see what works for you.

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Causes of Adult Acne

adult acne causes and treatments for skin

Stress can definitely play a part. Women tend to have very busy lives these days, particularly if they’ve become a mother. Stress produces cortisol, which contains a little bit of the male hormone testosterone; in women this can cause their bodies to produce more oil, which you’ve got it, can lead to spots.

Air pollution can wreak havoc on your skin too; you can counter this by making sure you cleanse your skin morning and night, and drink plenty of water to clean out your system.

Your skin can also react to products and have flair ups with things that don’t agree with it. Make sure you use the right product for your skin type e.g. sensitive, oily, combination, dry. Sometimes your skin just doesn’t like a certain product you’re using on your face, or one of its ingredients, and the culprit could be anything from your cleanser, to your face mask, to your foundation to face powder! If you haven’t just started using something new, try a process of elimination to see if it’s a particular product causing you to break out.

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Tips and Treatments of Adult Acne

how to treat adult acne

Whatever you do though, don’t over wash or use overly harsh products. This won’t help at all and can make things worse, drying your skin out and causing your body to produce more oil to compensate.

Some people do feel they react to specific foods; amongst others culprits can be sugar, dairy and salt. If you feel you react to certain food groups, try eliminating them from your diet to see what happens. It won’t hurt to see.

As a general rule, products with tea tree oil and witch hazel in them are great helpers if you’re having a break out. Investing in a good spot cream and blemish coverer is a must, as well as great coverage foundation that will help with your confidence levels whilst going through an outbreak, but not add to the problem. It’s easier said than done, but there’s sometimes a fine line between taking care of your skin and messing with it too much. A trip to see a highly rated beautician for a facial might also help; just make sure they know what your skin concerns are. And remember, if things are worse than an occasional outbreak, a visit to the dermatologist or doctor might be your best bet.

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