Benefits of Keratin for Hair Health

Benefits of Keratin for Hair Health
April 5, 2022 Ellis James
If you follow beauty and hair care, you’ve probably heard that keratin can offer a lot of benefits to hair. However, you may not be exactly sure what these benefits are and whether keratin treatments, keratin supplements, or keratin shampoos and conditioners are right for you. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of keratin to help you choose whether you want to seek out keratin treatments or products to help improve your hair.

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What are the benefits of keratin?

Is keratin good for health?  Are you ready to find the answer to “what are the benefits of keratin treatment, keratin supplements, and keratin shampoos and conditioners?  Keep reading!

Strengthens Hair

Is keratin good for thin hair?  Yes, keratin can be good for those with thin hair.  One benefit of keratin is that it can help strengthen hair and make it less likely to break.  

Does keratin help with hair growth?  For some people, strengthening hair can also help with hair growth.  If the hairs don’t break as easily, they’ll be able to continue growing.  Adding keratin supplements to your routine is one way to take advantage of this benefit of keratin.

Smooths Hair

If you’re looking for benefits of keratin treatment for curly hair or frizzy hair, you’ll love that it will help smooth hair. 

This is because the keratin smooths the cuticle, or layered cells, on each strand.  Once smoothed down, you’ll be impressed with how fuller and less frizzy your hair looks.

Adding a keratin shampoo and conditioner to your routine can help you achieve this goal while also making it easier to style your hair.

You may have also heard about using biotin for hair, so which is better biotin or keratin?  Biotin is typically the better choice when trying to grow hair, while keratin is better for increasing shine and decreasing frizziness.

Protects Hair Against Damage

Is keratin really helpful?  Yes, keratin can also help protect your hair against damage from environmental pollutants, like smog, wind, and overly dry conditions.  By keeping your hair conditioned, you’ll notice that you have fewer split ends and breakage.

Cuts Down on Blow-Drying Time

If you want to be able to dry your hair quickly so you can get to everything else you need to do, you may also want to consider a keratin treatment.  Keratin treatments reduce our hair’s porosity, which means wet hair won’t be holding on to as much water.  


Does keratin permanently change hair?

A keratin treatment is not permanent.  It may last for up to six months, but after that time the effects will diminish, and you may want to schedule a follow-up treatment.  However, while the treatment doesn’t last forever, you still may notice some permanent differences to your hair or curls.


How often can you do a keratin treatment?

Keratin treatments can be performed about once every four to five months.


Keratin Benefits for Gorgeous Hair!

If you came here wondering, “what are the benefits of keratin supplements, the benefits of keratin conditioner and shampoo, or the benefits of a keratin treatment” we hope you’ve found the answers you’re looking for.  As you’ve learned, keratin offers a wide array of benefits to hair. 

Do you think you’re ready to try a keratin treatment or add some keratin products to your routine?

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