Best Foundation for Pale Skin With Pink Undertones: Foundations to Match Pale Pinkish Skin

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With a pale skin tone, colors will show more prominently. People usually use less makeup on pale skin, and it’s common to use brighter shades in lesser amounts. Blush is also very important for people with pale skin and light skin. It’s safer to use lighter shades of pink and blend it into the skin well than to have heavy coverage. It’s also very important to remember that fair skin will make bright colors stand out more than on darker shades of skin. What are some available options for people with pale skin? What would be the right foundation for you? What are the best foundation for pale skin with pink undertones?

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Best Foundation for Pale Skin With Pink Undertones

Maybelline New York Master Camo Color Correcting Pen, Pink For Dullness, light, 0.05 fl. oz.

What foundation is best for pink undertones?

To answer your question as to what are some of the best options out there for people with pale skin and cool undertones, check our recommendations out:

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Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tone – Top Pick!

Bareminerals Loose Powder Foundation

The best foundation for pale skin with pink undertones that comes to mind is the most natural foundation made of natural ingredients, and that is the Bareminerals Loose Powder Foundation.

Bareminerals Original SPF 15 Foundation, Light, 0.28 Ounce
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To choose only one foundation for a pale skin tone is not always an easy feat.

All these foundation options in this post have their goods and some bads, but if a selection must be made, we’re going with this one.

If you are health-orientated like many people, you will obviously look for the best features in a foundation that are truly concerned with the health aspects. Every company is trying to produce a product with the best features and health criteria. That is what people are going to look for in a foundation that will be used on their skin and their faces.

And that’s also the reason for our choice.

Bareminerals Loose Powder Foundation is everything you would want in a foundation if you’ve got pale skin with cool undertones and specifically pink undertones! But if you want to learn more, you can read our more detailed section on this foundation below.

Now let’s go and explore other options, in case this one isn’t what you’re looking for. Read on to find out what would suit your skin tone and cool undertones best, whether it may be type, consistency, or price point.

Best Drugstore Foundation for Pale Skin Tone with Pink Undertones

L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation, Nude Beige W3, 1 Fl Oz,1 Count
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Foundation Highlights

  • For all skin types
  • Is a liquid but feels dry on the skin
  • Water-based liquid
  • Comes in a wide range of shades
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Does not last long

The True Match Foundation from L’Oréal is a perfect mineral base foundation.

This foundation is useful for covering dark discolorations and circles on the skin. It will not leave the skin feeling dry, and it lasts all day. This foundation from L’Oréal wears well and feels comfortable on your skin.

You can get it in 16 true skin shades to match various skin tones, but these are the most popular shades: nude beige, classic ivory, and light ivory. These colors are natural blends for the fair skin tone and cool undertone.

This is a liquid foundation infused in a sponge to deliver just the right amount of foundation. The refreshing luminous formula provides medium coverage for your skin. The L’Oréal Paris Foundation is meant for all skin types. This liquid foundation for pale skin tones is perfect for a no makeup look.

Try the True Match foundation for a perfect undertone for your skin.

Best Luxury Foundation for Pale Skin

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation

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Foundation Highlights

  • Online color selector for an accurate foundation match
  • 24 hour wear
  • Lightweight formula
  • Very full coverage

Looking for a foundation for pale and oily skin? This one’s for you.

Super lightweight and oil-free, this foundation has a great formula and a long wearability. Although it is full coverage, it is not heavy on the surface of your skin at all when worn for long periods of time on the face. Packed with ingredients such as jojoba, sunflower, acacia and mimosa extracts, as well as its patented golden mica, the Re(marc)able Foundation provides great blendability and radiance.

Best Powder Foundation for Pale Skin with Pink Undertones

Cover FX Foundation

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation, No. G10, 0.4 Ounce
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Foundation Highlights

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Does not mattify the skin
  • Does not leave the skin powdery and dry
  • Coverage is not great

The Cover FX Base Foundation is a powder foundation for most skin types.

This pressed mineral foundation comes in a variety of shades. The lighter shades are especially suitable for the palest of the pale and fair skin tones.

It has a natural finish with medium coverage. This foundation helps to soften the appearance of pores and absorbs excess oil. It is vegan and contains no gluten.

Some of the ingredients calm skin redness and help restore the natural barrier of the skin. This makeup is suitable for normal skin types, as well as for combination and oily skin types. This powder-based foundation is also free of the damaging effects of chemicals. It contains no undesirable chemicals.

Cover FX is great for uneven skin tones, and it is a subtle foundation that is very effective. The kaolin clay helps to minimize skin shine with a matte finish.

Best Mineral Foundation for Pale Skin Tones with Pink Undertones

Bareminerals Loose Powder Foundation

Bareminerals Original SPF 15 Foundation, Light, 0.28 Ounce
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Foundation Highlights

  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Healthy and natural
  • Good overall foundation
  • Slightly dry on the face
  • Makes the face feel itchy

This original powder mineral foundation is made of 100% chemical-free mineral ingredients. It is cruelty-free and has improved formulas for enhanced performance. This foundation for pale skin is made from 5 ingredients that flow from powder to a smooth cream, which will melt into the skin’s natural finish.

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The powder foundation by bareMinerals is ideal for normal, dry, and combination skin types. The minerals integrated into the formula provide a sunscreen. This leaves the skin with a radiant finish and a lustrous, soft feel. There are no mineral oils, sulfates, or other undesirable chemicals present in this foundation, and it is also gluten-free.

You can wear this foundation all day long, and the weightlessness makes it comfortable for the skin.

With a range of 30 shades, this bareMinerals powder foundation makes it very easy to find your match.

On the health side, this foundation is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for its effectiveness as a sunscreen.

Overall, this Loose powder foundation is not a bad choice for pale skin, wouldn’t you agree?

Best Liquid Foundation for Pale Skin with Pink Undertones

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation in Light Beige 1 OZ
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Foundation Highlights

  • Easy to apply to the skin
  • Natural protection for the skin
  • All-day foundation
  • Not a true full coverage foundation

This foundation provides medium coverage and builds up a beautiful coverage. It will not parch the skin, since it has coconut water added in the formula. The main shades for the fair-skinned people are ‘Swan,’ used with a neutral undertone, ‘Snow,’ for the rosy undertones, and ‘Ivory,’ to be used with skin that has a golden undertone.

Born This Way is an undetectable foundation with medium-to-full coverage. It is an oil-free foundation with Alpine rose added to the formula, which helps the skin to have a healthy and resilient look. It also gives a smoother and more youthful appearance to the skin. This foundation can be used all day and wears comfortably for a long time.

This oil-free foundation masterfully disguises the line between the foundation and the skin. The foundation coverage is undetectable when applied and will support the natural shade of the skin. It will make it look as if you are not wearing any foundation while maintaining a natural luster to the skin. This Too Faced Born This Way foundation is a remarkable foundation for cool pink pale skin.

Best BB Cream for Pale Skin with Pink Undertones

ELF BB Cream

e.l.f. Cosmetics BB Cream, Light Coverage Foundation, UVA/UVB SPF 20 Protection, Buff, 0.96 Fluid Ounces
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Foundation Highlights

  • Ingredients provide natural protection
  • Gives a natural finish to the skin
  • Stays on even in humid and hot weather
  • Leaves a greasy feeling on the skin
  • Not for oily skin types

Although BB cream is not a foundation, we’re including it in this post seeing as it’s a base.

This Blemish Balm Cream from elf is a primer, protector, and moisturizer all-in-one product. This perfecting cream is infused with anti-aging ingredients that protect your skin from everyday onslaughts. This cream provides a natural tint for faultless coverage.

It is a great moisturizer for the skin, and the key ingredients provide your skin with hydration and nourishment. The silky formula covers the fine lines on the skin. This affordable and all-weather BB Cream from ELF is a good base makeup for most skin types.

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About Pale Skin and Pink Undertoned Skin

Skin Undertones: Cool Skin Undertones vs Warm Undertones and Neutral Undertones

Want to learn more about skin tone and undertone? Ever encountered the terms cool warm or neutral?

There are three undertones generally considered to be universal: cool, warm, and neutral.

Warm undertone means your skin is more yellow or golden or more peachy. Usually you can tell your skin’s undertone by looking at your veins. Due to yellow or golden colors being quite warm, your veins are also more warm a green. Between gold and silver jewelry, gold would look better on yellow undertones.

Cool undertone means you have a bluish tint to your skin. Your veins also generally appear to be more blue.

Neutral skin undertone means your skin undertone matches both warm and cool undertones well. Neutral skin undertones would have blue-green veins compared to the other two undertones. Gold and silver jewelry would look good on you either way.

So, are you cool warm or neutral? Of course telling your skin undertones can get more complicated than this, but it’s a good place to start!

Particular Needs of Pink Undertones

With a pale complexion and pink undertone, the foundation will need to fall more on the lighter side. A slightly pink foundation for pink undertones should be the best option, but you can also play around with other light colors to find a suitable shade for your skin.

Anything too bright should be avoided, though.

The reason for avoiding the bright colors is that they tend to stand out too harshly on fair skin.

The best foundation for pale skin with a pink undertone or cool undertone is a lighter shade of any color that goes well with your skin tone.

What does Foundation with Pink Undertones mean?

Everybody has an undertone in their skin. How do I match my skin tone with foundation? For the foundation to have a natural look, you must find your undertone to make sure you are wearing the right shade of foundation.

A pink undertone, also known as a cool undertone, is mostly found in people who have light skin that burns easily.

With a pink undertone, you would want to use lighter colors to maintain the natural look of your skin.

You are born with that cool skin, therefore, you do not want to hide your skin. Bring out its natural shine and beauty instead!

Matching Foundation with Pale Skin and Pink Undertones: PRO TIPS

  • Don’t forget to use a primer with SPF. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun, it will also help your face from turning too red and matching out of your worn foundation. A tinted sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF or tinted moisturizer with SPF can even be helpful in blending your makeup out!
  • Use your concealer. Don’t be afraid to use your concealer to blend out the color of our pale foundation, or even wear your concealer as foundation! Concealer has a thicker consistency, so it’ll provide better coverage.
  • Blend, blend, blend! Blending is key in making your foundation match with your skin. Don’t forget to apply on your neck and ears as well.
  • Opt out of bronzers or contour makeup. Embrace your inner glow! Or at least, take it easy with the shadows.
  • Match all your makeup with your cool undertone. Don’t forget that your foundation’s not the only one important to match! You may find the right foundation for your cool skin undertone, but when the rest of your makeup don’t match, it will be all for nothing.

Best Foundation for Light Skin or Pale Skin With Pink Undertones: A Recap

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And there you have it!

We hope we were able to give you recommendations that can become the right foundation for you, as well as help you learn about skin undertones. If you have pale skin with pink undertones or cool undertones, any one of these would be a great option to add into your large black cosmetic bag!

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Do you have picks for the best foundation for pale skin with pink undertones? What do you love about it? Does it match your cool undertones well?

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  2. I love this post! It has been incredibly difficult for me to find a foundation that truly matches my complexion in it’s entirety. I have between 10-15 foundations that I go back and forth with and am constantly looking for the perfect product. There are, also, too many products to choose from. The search can be overly and exhausting. On top of these complexion complexities, I have another factor to add. I have Fibromyalgia and tend to sweat on my face way more than the average person. This narrows my search even more, as I need a more matte product. I am surprised by the list provided only at it’s length and this is because, like I have previously stated, there are so many products that it seems almost impossible to narrow it down to five. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I will be doing some personal research based on yours!

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  5. Such a great post– if you don’t know how to find shades that work with your undertones, foundations can be a nightmare!


  6. I have extremely pale skin with olive undertones so I find colour matching almost impossible as nothing seems to come that pale with the undertones I need. I agree that Cover FX and Illamasqua are both great for pale skin though. Colourpop are amazing as a more affordable option too x

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Deborah! Hopefully you’ll find the perfect shade for you soon enough!

  8. I have very pale skin and I am constantly trying new foundations. Most of them do not look right on me. I manage to find some that look ok but I do not have a favorite.

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