Foundation Brush vs Beauty Blender – The Truth, Told!

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If you’re wondering the difference between brush vs Beauty Blender for foundation or which is best for you, you’re not alone. The truth is, there is no one right answer for this question. The best tool for you will depend on a number of factors, which we’ll explore in the next few sections.

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Foundation Brush vs Beauty Blender

Foundation Brush vs Beauty Blender

Ready to learn more about the key differences between foundation brushes and a Beauty Blender?

Keep reading, and you’ll be able to decide which makeup application tool you think is best for you.

Finish and Ease of Use

First, let’s take a look at applying foundation with brush vs Beauty Blender.  Both tools are relatively easy to use.  You’ll need to start with pumping a little bit of your favorite foundation onto the back of your hand.

To use a foundation brush, dab the brush into the foundation on your hand, then apply it to your face, blending well to ensure even coverage.

With a Beauty Blender, start by getting the sponge damp.  Then, dab the sponge into the foundation, and use the sponge to evenly apply the foundation to your face.

While flat liquid foundation brush vs Beauty Blender are both easy to use, we think that the Beauty Blender is a bit better for providing a flawless finish; you won’t need to worry about any streaks from the bristles on a foundation brush.


What about cleaning a liquid foundation brush vs Beauty Blender?

With both makeup application tools, weekly, or even daily, cleaning is important.  You’ll need to use a makeup cleanser to wash the foundation out of the sponge or off the bristles.

The Beauty Blender may end up holding on to a bit more of the foundation over time, which could eventually lead to more build-up and a slightly shortened lifespan.


When it comes to the foundation brush vs sponge price difference, Beauty Blenders are often less expensive than higher end foundation brushes.  However, just keep in mind that you will likely need to replace it more often, so it may even out.

Skin Type

Your skin type may also impact whether using a foundation brush or Beauty Blender is best for you.

Brush vs Beauty Blender for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you may find that using a foundation brush works best when you’re applying liquid foundation, but that a Beauty Blender or sponge will deliver better results for powdered foundation.

Beauty Blender vs Brush: Which Will You Choose?

Now that you’ve had a chance to really see how a Beauty Blender and a foundation brush compare, which do you think is right for you?  Don’t feel like you have to choose just one, either.  You may find that each works best for getting a different look or finish with your foundation.

Take some time to experiment with a Beauty Blender and a foundation brush to really decide which is right for you.

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Foundation brush or sponge for dry skin?

Do you have dry skin?  If so, the combination of a Beauty Blender with a cream foundation may work well to prevent your skin from drying out more.

Foundation brush or sponge for mature skin?

If you have mature skin, using a Beauty Blender to apply foundation may help you to better conceal some of your fine lines and wrinkles and achieve more of an airbrushed finish.

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