Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair: How Long to Leave Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair

Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair: How Long to Leave Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair
November 19, 2021 Ellis James
If you have blonde or platinum hair, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep it looking its best. Sun, chlorine, and other impurities can ruin your blonde or platinum color by bringing out brassy yellow tones. Purple shampoo can be a true lifesaver when it comes to keeping these brassy tones away and can really save you a lot of money by decreasing the number of visits you need to make to the hair salon to get your color touched up. Is purple shampoo on dry hair more effective than using it on wet hair? How long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair? If these are questions you’d like to find the answers to, let’s continue reading to learn more about using purple shampoo on dry hair.

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Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair

Before we start discussing using purple shampoo on dry hair, let’s take just a moment to review some of the benefits of using purple shampoo.

Purple shampoos get their name due to their purple color.  The purple pigments in purple shampoos are very effective at neutralizing yellow or brassy tones in blonde and platinum hair.

Purple shampoos can help keep cooler tones in blonde tresses, making them a very popular choice for those who have bleached their hair, as well as natural blondes.  In addition to helping those with blonde or platinum hair, purple shampoo can also help improve the look of gray hair or lighter brunette locks that has gold highlights.

One trend you may have been hearing about is using purple shampoo on dry hair.  Will purple shampoo be more effective when used on dry hair?  Or could it damage your mane or mess with its appearance?  We’ll explore these questions in the next few sections!


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Should you put purple shampoo on dry hair?

Dry hair can have two meanings.  It can refer to hair that is not wet as well as hair that is lacking in moisture.  Let’s look at whether purple shampoo can be used in either of these situations.

If your hair is dry, as in lacking moisture, finding ways to prevent your hair from being so dry is likely one of your priorities.  Using purple shampoo is not a home remedy for dry hair; it won’t magically bring the moisture back to it.  However, you can still use purple shampoo to remove the brassy tones from your moisture-lacking hair, just as you would with hydrated hair.

Be warned that sometimes if your hair is too dry or damaged, using purple shampoo on it may leave behind a slight lilac hue.  However, the lilac hue won’t last forever, and you can remove it by taking a break from purple shampoo for a few washes.  Determining why you have dry hair and working to rehydrate it can be beneficial if you want to continue using purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones away.

Most of the time when people talk about using purple shampoo in dry hair, they are referring to using it on hair that is not wet.  For the rest of this article, when we talk about dry hair, this will be what we’re referring to as well.

You can use purple shampoo on dry hair, but you will need to do so with caution.  Applying purple shampoo to dry hair can make it more effective at removing brassy tones from your hair. When you apply purple shampoo in the shower, you may not apply it as evenly over all of your hair and may miss sections.  This can result in some parts of your hair still retaining those unwanted brassy tones.

Applying purple shampoo to dry hair can help you get more even results.  When purple shampoo is allowed to sit on hair, it can also be more effective at neutralizing yellow and brassy tones.


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Can you use purple shampoo on dry hair?

Yes, as we shared above, you can use purple shampoo on dry platinum or blonde hair.  When applied to dry hair, the purple pigments in purple shampoos can be more effective at removing the brassy tones from blonde and platinum hair.

Simply knowing that you can use purple shampoo on dry hair isn’t enough.  You need to know how to use it, how long you should let it sit on dry hair, and other safety tips.  We will address these in the next few sections.

Is it safe to use purple shampoo on dry hair?

Yes, when you take the proper precautions, using purple shampoo on dry hair should be safe.  First, be careful to work quickly to apply the purple shampoo evenly to your hair.  If you don’t apply it evenly or if the shampoo sits on one section of hair for a lot longer than the other sections, it can result in an uneven finished look.  Some sections of your hair may appear to be different colors or tones than the other sections, which is definitely not what you want.

Does purple shampoo cause hair breakage?  No, purple shampoo should cause your hair to break.  However, leaving it in for too long can have a negative effect on your hair color.  If the purple pigments in purple shampoos sit on the hair for too long, they may do more than simply removing the yellow and brassy tones.  They can actually turn the hair into more of a lilac or violet color.

What happens when you put purple shampoo on dry hair?

When you put purple shampoo on dry hair, the purple pigments are not diluted with water as they are in the shower.  This makes them more powerful, and can make them even more effective at neutralizing those brassy tones that you want out of your hair.

However, if you aren’t careful when applying purple shampoo to your hair, it may not work evenly, and you’ll end up with some sections that look different from the others.  So, always use extreme care and work quickly when applying purple shampoo to your locks.  You also don’t want to leave purple shampoo in your tresses for too long, or it may make your hair turn violet.

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How long should you leave purple shampoo on dry hair?

Everyone’s hair is different. Some violet shampoos contain more pigmented than others.  This makes it difficult to give a set amount of time to leave purple shampoo on your hair.  For some, letting purple shampoo sit for about 5 minutes is plenty of time to get the results they’re looking for.  Others find their hair looks best when they let the purple shampoo sit for 30 or 45 minutes.  The best idea is to start with shorter periods of time to see how your hair reacts to the purple shampoo and gradually increase the time until you find what works best for you.

Some have tried leaving purple shampoo in their hair for four hours or more.  While this may work for a few individuals, be very cautious trying this, as leaving the shampoo in for that long is more likely to turn your hair to a violet or lilac color.

How long do you leave purple shampoo on blonde hair?

Purple shampoo can work wonders for blonde hair, but how long should you leave it in blonde hair?  As we shared above, the length of time you’ll want to leave purple shampoo in your hair will depend on your hair and its specific needs and how pigmented the purple shampoo you’re using is.  Most blondes find that leaving the shampoo in their hair between 5 and 45 minutes is best.  You should try leaving it in for about 5 minutes the first time, and see how your hair reacts to adjust the time until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Can you leave purple shampoo on dry hair overnight?

While you could sleep with purple shampoo on your dry hair, you probably won’t want to.  Leaving purple shampoo on your dry hair for this long will make it much more likely for the shampoo to make your tresses look purple, rather than just neutralizing the brassy tones.



Does purple conditioner work the same as purple shampoo?

Yes, purple conditioners work similarly to purple shampoos.  They are formulated to reduce yellow tones.  However, purple conditioners are also more moisturizing to deliver hydration to hair.

Can you tone on dry hair?

Toning is most effective when done on hair that is slightly damp.  This helps ensure that the toner will be evenly spread throughout the hair and maximizes its effects.

How long does it take for purple shampoo to work?

When used correctly, a purple shampoo should deliver instantly noticeable results after you wash the shampoo from your hair.  The length of time you should leave the shampoo sitting in your hair can vary. This is based on your hair and the shampoo you’re using, but typically ranges from 5 to 45 minutes.


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Using Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair

As you can see, leaving purple shampoo in your dry, blonde or platinum locks can increase its effectiveness in neutralizing unwanted brassy tones.  Take care when leaving purple shampoo in your dry hair to apply it evenly and quickly to prevent some sections of your locks from looking like they are a different tone than other sections.  Are you ready to give purple shampoo a try on your dry hair?  Come back to share your results with us!

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    Nice post! Thanks for all the recommedations, I’ve never heard about this purple shampoo, but now I would love to try it. Of course, I will need to be extremely careful, but the curiosity is stronger than my fear hahaha

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