How Long Does it Take for Rice Water to Grow Your Hair?

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Have you heard about the many benefits of using rice water on your hair? From making hair stronger and shinier to helping it grow more quickly, there is a lot of promise in rice water treatments, which date back thousands of years in China. Is all the hype true? Will rice water really help grow your hair? And, if so, how long does it take for rice water to grow your hair? Let’s take a look at these questions in the next few sections so you can decide whether you’re ready to give rice water a try to help your hair grow more quickly.

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How Long Does It Take for Rice Water to Grow Your Hair?

Before we examine this question, let’s take just a moment to review some of the positive side effects of using rice water on your hair.  Rice water can reduce frizz, repair damaged hair cells, moisturize hair, make hair stronger and shinier, and cleanse toxins from the scalp.

All of these benefits offered by rice water allow it to deliver one additional benefit to hair:  Rice water can also help hair grow more quickly.  This isn’t because the rice water is speeding up the growth of hair, but because it is making the hair and scalp healthier.  A healthy scalp and healthy hair are two necessary components for hair growth, and since rice water delivers these benefits, it helps hair to grow at its standard rate of 1 to 2 inches per month.

Does Rice Water Really Grow Your Hair?

As we shared above, rice water isn’t a treatment that magically makes hair grow longer.  However, what it does do is improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.  Without healthy hair and a healthy scalp, your hair won’t reach its maximum growth potential (which is typically between 1 and 2 inches a month).  So, rice water does play a big role in contributing to the growth of new hair.

Is It True That Rice Water Makes Your Hair Grow Fast?

Rice water does many things for your hair, including helping it to grow more quickly.  The reason rice water is able to help hair grow quickly is because of the nutrients it delivers to hair to improve its health.  Rice water holds all the beneficial nutrients found in rice.  These include inositol, vitamins A, B, C, and E, potassium, zinc, magnesium manganese, fiber, and amino acids.  These nutrients nourish and moisturize the hairs on your head to repair damage, strengthen hair, and nourish the roots and scalp.  When your hair’s health is improved, it is able to grow more quickly than dry, brittle, or otherwise damaged hair.

Rice Water for 4C Hair Growth

4C hair is known for being very fragile.  It is also more likely to become overly dried when compared to other hair types.  Using rice water with 4C hair can deliver amazing benefits.  The rice water can help strengthen the hair and keep it more hydrated.  Once your 4C hair is stronger and more moisturized, it will be much more likely for it to begin growing more quickly.

How Fast Does Hair Grow With Rice Water?

Everyone’s hair is different, so the rate of hair growth you’ll experience after using rice water can vary.  Healthy hair typically grows between 1 and 2 inches every month. So, by using a rice water treatment to get your hair as healthy as can be, you can likely expect growth somewhere in this range.

How Many Inches Does Rice Water Grow Your Hair?

As we shared above, each person’s hair is different, so there is no way to specify exactly how many inches your hair will grow with rice water.  A growth rate of about 1 to 2 inches a month is pretty normal for healthy hair.

Rice Water for Hair Growth Results 1 Week

While everyone’s results will vary, it is likely that you’ll be able to start seeing some positive results after just one week of using rice water for hair growth.  Some individuals have seen nearly an inch of growth after just a week, but the amount you see could be less depending on your hair and how frequently you apply the rice water.

How to Make Rice Water for Hair Growth

Making your own rice water for hair growth is pretty simple.  If you’d like to try to make rice water for hair growth, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Rinse ¾ cups of rice
  2. Add the rice to a pot
  3. Add in 3 cups of water
  4. Boil the water and rice together until the rice becomes soft and the water is cloudy
  5. Pour the rice and water over a strainer to remove the rice
  6. Discard the rice
  7. Allow the rice water to cool for 30 minutes before use


Do you put rice water on wet or dry hair?

Most experts typically recommend using rice water on wet hair.  It should be used after shampooing your hair, but before applying conditioner.  In addition to using rice water on your hair, rice water also offers benefits for the skin as well.

Can I apply rice water after oiling my hair?

While you can apply rice water after oiling your hair, it will be most effective to put rice water on your hair right after it has been shampooed.

How often should I use rice water on my hair?

Rice water can be drying for some hair types, so you may need to experiment with how frequently your hair will tolerate using it.  For most people, using rice water about two times a week is sufficient to enjoy the benefits it offers to hair without making their hair too dry.

How long does it take for rice water to grow your hair?

A healthy scalp and healthy hair are two necessary components for hair growth, and since rice water delivers these benefits, it helps hair to grow at its standard rate of 1 to 2 inches per month.

Rice Water for Hair Growth

Wow!  Rice water certainly can deliver a lot of benefits to our hair.  By moisturizing hair and making it stronger and less brittle, rice water can facilitate hair growth.  When your hair is healthier, you can expect to see much more rapid growth than you would from unhealthy hair.  So, are you ready to give rice water a try to help you reach your hair growth goals?  Be sure to stop back by and share your results with us!

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