Is Powder or Liquid Foundation Better for Large Pores?

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Beauty standards have drastically changed since the introduction of thousands of different cosmetic products on the market. Brands have launched a plethora of cosmetic products to meet the increasing demand for flawless and radiant skin. 

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One other reason why products, such as different types of foundations, face and under eye primers, eye shadows, powders, etc have gained popularity is because of beauty bloggers and Instagram celebrities. 

These influencers post numerous makeup tutorial videos featuring products that are best suited for different skin types. It’s very easy to be swayed by the word of someone popular that you follow, without something necessarily working for you.

So, in this post let’s start with the foundation area. If you’re wondering what the best foundation type to minimize pores is, then this is for you. Is powder or liquid foundation better for large pores?

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Why Do People Have Large Pores?

Why are some people seemingly blessed with perfect skin, while others struggle with things like large pores?

What are large pores anyways? They aren’t a disease, that’s for sure.

Pores are simply very tiny openings on the surface of your skin that allows sebum, sweat, and other toxins to leave the body. 

Therefore, even if you have large pores, you can’t simply wish them away because they have an important role to play.

However, aside from genetics, the reason why pores become large is that they get clogged with excessive dirt, oil, and sebum. Age is also a factor.

Now, let’s find out about what type of foundation is best for large pores. 

Powder on Pores

Tired of following long daily routines to get rid of large pores? Want an easy way out? Simply hide them!

Many women prefer reliable products, like loose powder or powder foundation, for full-day coverage. They will not only hide the pores, but they will also even your skin tone, making sure you look your best out there. 

However, don’t settle for anything that is not compatible with your skin type.

So, is powder or liquid foundation better for large pores? Check out our post on foundation that covers pores for additional information. 

Does Powder Foundation Do A Good Job At Hiding Pores?

Powder foundations are mostly light, so they don’t leave a greasy residue on your skin. That’s because powder foundations don’t use oils or emollients, so they are less likely to cause a pore-clogging effect.

If you don’t genetically have large pores, then you are more likely to have them clogged due to extra oil and dirt on your skin. 

Powder foundations are best used for skins that are oily, sensitive, and acne-prone. So, again, what is the best foundation for large pores?

Since powder foundations good for oily skin have oil-absorbing properties, they are the obvious choice to go for. 

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What Products Work Well with Powder Foundation To Hide Pores?

Powder foundations give the skin a luminous look without appearing or making your skin feel heavy. It’s the best option for clogged large pores, as they are less likely to sit on the skin.

Moreover, if you want the best results, try using other products along with powder foundation, such as an appropriate cleanser, toner, oily skin friendly moisturizer, and even an anti-aging cream. 

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Liquid on Pores

Liquid foundations are known to give off a fantastic and flawless look all day long. They can give your skin a dewy look without over-clogging the pores.

Even though it may seem like an impossible task to cover up large pores, with proper liquid foundation, they are actually the easiest skin imperfection to conceal. 

Does liquid foundation do a good job at hiding pores?

Not only only do they hide pores, liquid foundation can also smoothen fine lines.

If your skin is prone to breakouts and an uneven skin tone, then a liquid foundation will give you excellent coverage with a smoother texture. Especially in the dry season, a liquid foundation will provide an extra layer of moisture.

So, what is the best foundation for large pores? Obviously, the one that doesn’t suffocate your pores and has a balance between dryness and moisture. 

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What products work well with liquid foundation to hide pores?

The best routine that works well with a liquid foundation on large pores is to start with products such as a good serum. This will even out the skin tone and can minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

Even though liquid foundations are used for an even look, you can opt for using a good face primer or moisturizer before applying foundation, so they don’t accentuate pores. 

Which One Is Better for Large Pores?

The million-dollar question remains the same: what type of foundation is best for large pores?

The answer depends on many factors, especially what skin type you have and the way it reacts to certain products.

In general, if you want a consensus on what the best foundation for large pores is, then liquid foundation wins by a small margin.

If used well with other products, it can conceal large pores, as well as give a finished look all day long. 

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What are your thoughts on powder or liquid foundation for large pores?

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  3. Thanks for sharing your experience, Sophie! And you’re totally right, while there are tips to follow, it really all goes down to how your skin performs with a certain product.

  4. I learned a lot from this post. I have had trouble with both liquid and powder foundations in the past. My skin changes seasonally and I have to change my foundations seasonally. Sometimes, it is hard to find a good balance for my skin.

  5. Great post, I have some visible pore and just as you recommend from your post I use a very good primer and prior to the primer, I use a vitamin C serum. Then followed by a seamless makeup application because I love how a flawless makeup application looks on my face.

  6. My skin is quite dry so I don’t really have many visible pores and usually prefer liquids but I do like a few powder foundations. All depends on the individual formula x


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