Post Gym Makeup Routine

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Working out before work is a fantastic start to the day. It gets your blood flowing, your brain cells all fired up and sets you up to experience your best possible day.

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If you’re heading straight to the office afterwards, it might mean that you’re a little pushed for time to get ready. Your skin will be glowing after your workout, so you’re going to need less help to look fresh and alert. Here is our quick, 10-minute post-workout makeup routine.

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The Base

As is always the case, it’s all about the base. You need to choose the right product for your skin type. Does your face stay pink for a while after working out? Does sweating dry your complexion out? Do you need a mattifying cream to help with a little too much shine after your workout?

We’re all different. It’s worth just thinking about what your post-gym skin issues might be.

We’d recommend a good primer and tinted moisturizer, or illuminating moisturizer that meets your specific needs. If you prefer a fuller coverage, look for an illuminating foundation to capitalise on how fresh you look. A touch of your favourite concealer is also a great finisher for the skin. May not be best to wear cream or cream to powder foundation since you might sweat it off.

If you need it, a dab of powder around the nose, chin and forehead helps keep your glow under control.

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The Eyes

Stick to the bare essentials, especially if your gym is crowded and the lighting is bad. A sweep of mascara is a must that most ladies feel they should have. It helps open up the eyes and gives definition if your eyelashes are fairer. Consider opting for a waterproof version if you’re still feeling a little hot and steamy after your workout.

If you have the time and feel bare without it, a cream stick eye shadow or eyeliner can be added to your look in seconds. With eye shadow sticks, the lighter to mid-range shades with a bit of a shimmer can be easier to apply in a hurry and more forgiving. Darker shades tend to need more precision application and brushes rather than a quick blend with your fingers.

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The Lips & Cheeks

You don’t want your makeup bag to be bulging at the seams, so a multipurpose product is perfect for what you need. A bright rosy pink or cherry red looks awesome and stops your look from being underdone. There’s a host of products out there to choose from, but a cream or liquid tint is great. Most brands offer several shades. Experiment until you find one that you love and matches your skin tone.

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The Brows

Brows are optional, but these days a lot of us won’t leave the house (or gym!) without a quick slick of something to tame and define. The easiest by far is a quick brush of a clear gel to plump up your brows, get them in place and frame your face a little better. However, if color is a problem and you feel all washed out without darkening your brows, choose a waterproof brow product. Ideally one in a tube with a wand for a simpler application. Make sure you brush off any excess product in the neck of the tube beforehand as it’s harder to quickly fix mistakes at the gym. There’s also time and a place for powders and perfectly defined brows, but in the heat, hustle and bustle of a gym changing room it’s gonna be a tall order.

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The post-gym makeup routine should literally take you five to ten minutes and then you’re good to go!

Keep your powder and your lip/cheek tint with you in your handbag for little touch ups throughout the day. And if you feel later like you need a little bit more, try grabbing your eyeliner or felt tip liner and drawing a little cat flick on your upper eyelids. It doesn’t have to extend far – and it’s probably best it doesn’t – but just a subtle little touch like this could make you feel that little bit extra put together.

What are your tips?

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